The corresponding abilities of DIV company in producing 3D CG architecture products

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The corresponding abilities of DIV company in producing 3D CG architecture products


1. Consultation and input examination
For any customers’ orders, we guarantee to provide detailed information forms that inform fully the
required information to meet the greatest need of our customers.
Our staffs are always willing to provide free consultancy in any cases.

2. Angle Proposals
Our experience has shown us that our customers often hesitate to choose the appropriate angles at the
beginning. Please be assured that our professional architects and graphic designers team will propose 2
to 3 initial angles in 3D visual designs. Moreover, we also provide angles consultancy so that it illustrates
the products asthetically and clearly.

3. Qualifying highly asthetic requirements
We’re highly aware that using architectural perspective designs in real estate marketing and promotions
require higher quality day by day. It plays an important role to help the customers have the most
accurate and realistic pictures of the products. At DIV company, we’ve always made the greatest efforts
to provide highly asthetic and realistic designs with the accuracy of shapes, materials, surroundings (E.g.
vehicles, people, trees, etc.); furthermore, we’ve also been intentional about technical criterion of colors
harmony, clarity, angles and frame ratio.

4. Providing various forms of architectural perspective designs
With the desire to provide the best and most realistic designs, we currently provide not only
architectural perspective images, videos but also brand-new products with distinctive features including
VR360 images/ website, virtual reality UE4 designs and AR.


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