What is a high quality architectural perspective design?

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What is a high quality architectural perspective design?

What is a high quality CG architectural perspective design? Such a design consists of various technical features. This post will include some of the most important factors:

1. Rendering Ratio (in pixels)

Rendering ratio affects directly to the clarity of the products, especially the details. Large ratios provide high clarity and vice versa. In case the design is shown on different mediums including smartphones, computers, televisions or ad boards, it requires the appropriate resolutions. The common resolution of a high quality architectural perspective design is from 3.000 pixels to 12.000 pixels.

2. Great noise reduction

Another factor affecting the clarity is noise reduction. The product with great noise reduction can show smoother images without any noise in case of zooming in. The longer the noise reduction process takes, the clearer the designs are. The common coefficient of noise reduction is between 2 and 3 percent.

3. Realistic materials description

Realistic materials description is also an essential factor, including:

+ Accuracy in materials’ patterns and shapes.

+ Accuracy in materials’ colors

+ Accuracy in physical features such as reflectivitiy, transparency and lighning, etc.

4. The surrounding background

The surrounding background include paths, vehicles, people, trees and gardens, etc., which make the designs more realistic. They contribute greatly in the attraction and value of the product. It’s possible to create different background according to seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter) or times of the day (dawn, sunset, morning or evening, etc.)


a. Perpective with none background

b. Perpective with background

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